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The idea has arisen that I have always thought and said to paint and possibly create my own coffin. But above all, I wish to decide in which coffin I would be laid. We plan almost everything in our lives, except for what is ultimately inevitable. 

In almost every case, the family must decide how and in which coffin their loved one is laid to rest. This can be done differently and certainly with the completely newly developed demountable coffin. In this way, you’ll be able to use parts of your coffin for different purposes, such as a room screen or wall decoration. You buy your coffin in advance and may actually enjoy it in your lifetime as a piece of furniture. 

Raadschelders Coffins has been featured in Hart van Nederland (SBS 6) on the Dutch television. (Wednesday - June 5th, 2013).

Raadschelders’ Coffins are unique and multidimensional.

The Venus model has very characteristic curves so they appear softer. The Artistique Series coffins can also be used as an art object (room screen or triptych). 

All coffins are supplied with upholstered interior and high-quality unbleached cotton. 

  • The coffins are made with natural materials and crafted in an artisan manner. 
  • None of the coffins include other materials than wood and cotton, not even nails are used.
  • Various models are available (room screen, wall decoration, etcetera.).  
  • The coffins as art object can be delivered in triptych and room screen. 

Each handmade artistic coffin is unique and will be marked. 

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