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After you ordered (by phone or e-mail) we will contact you as soon as possible. In this particular conversation we twill discuss the following; the details, possible open choices, process and delivery.

After all the choices have been made and you have placed your final order, you will receive an invoice for the ordered products.  This invoice can be paid by bank transfer stating your invoice number.


Delivery is possible within 24 hours when the deceased lives within the area where Raadschelders Coffins are being produced. 

Should the customer have ordered a triptych or room screen, several layers of varnish shall be put on for better protection. The coffins or art objects are delivered for a small fee for shipping and handling at the home address.

The bottom and top parts of the coffin can be stored at Raadschelders Coffins until the moment you may need them. The annual fee for storage will be limited. 

Once the art object must be put to use and after consultation with the family members, the panels will be put together at a time and day to be determined. For example, at the end of the service, this way the panels can be placed during the service, behind the deceased. It is possible to place the coffin together prior to the ceremony. 

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