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Due to the lack of personal and artistic coffins, I always had the idea of painting my own coffin. Over time, this idea has evolved into shaping and manufacturing a range of natural and personal coffins.

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Raadschelders Coffins produces modern and natural coffins, all of which have their own characteristic.
The Artistique coffin can be used as an art object and the Venus model is characterised by her soft curves.

Our series


The Venus coffin is especially designed for women. The model represents all a woman stands for; natural, soft and round shapes.

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The coffins from the Artistique series are multifunctional and can be used as an art object.

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The demountable coffin. This model can be transported easy, as it can be assembled in a simple manner by means of 4 invisible screws in the body of the coffin and 4  invisible screws on the lid in the form of a cross.

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Viewing Trolley

Raadschelders Coffins offers her customers the possibility to make use of specially designed viewing trolley, laid on top of a freezing element of which the shape and material matches the coffin you selected.

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Personalized coffins

All coffins can be painted. A quietly designed coffin gives an appropriate result. You can also choose from our range of painted coffins. These models can be manufactured by us, as you wish in many different color schemes.

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Information about accessories for: stand for the lid of the coffin, stand for candles and flower arrangement or coffin and 
holder for lock screws.

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Raadschelders Coffins
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